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Ideal for new construction

SGV2-G linear door operator

SGV is a door equipment for MID and HEAVY duty new installation and modernization.

  1. Complete Linear Car Door Operator with Interlock, clutch, traditional pendant location
  2. Cabin Mounting Brackets
SGV2-G : complete cab and hatch door equipment

  • Quick installation
  • Traditional Drilling Patterns, fits standard frames and car headers
  • Integral car door interlock, eliminates the need for facia
  • Does not require an adjusting tool to put into service (tool available for finer adjustments)
  • CSA B44/ASME A17.1 approved
  1. Complete pre-assembled track with Rollers, Interlocks and Spirator
  1. Traditional Drilling Patterns: Type “A” and “AA”.

Technical sheet

Power Supply AC Voltage 115-230 v 50/60Hz
Motor 1.2. HP, 3 Phase Permanent Magnet
Drive V3F-Converter (Vector Control)
Max Speed 3.3. Ft/Sec (1.0 m/s)
Max Movable Mass 1320 Ibs. (600 kg)
Outputs Dry contacts, Serial CAN Lift Open
(3 Pin Plug)
Easy Learning Mode Automatic Learning Movement of Door
Closing Force Adjustment Automatic Adjustment

Door Types
1S (Single Slide Side Opening) Right/Left Sizes: 36'', 42''
2C (Single Slide Center Opening) Right/Left Clutch Sizes: 36'', 42'', 48''


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