Wittur Group Milestones

2016  Acquisition of Sematic makes Wittur a truly global leading supplier in the elevators and elevator components manufacturing industry
2015 New test tower at Wittur Spain.
Funds managed by Bain Capital acquire ownership of Wittur from previous owners Triton/Capvis.
New production plant in Londrina, Brazil.
2014 Trading company established in Barranquilla, 
2013 Establishment of Wittur Academy advanced training program in Europe and Asia
2012 Expansion of Wittur China plant in Suzhou
2010 Foundation of production plant in Chennai, India
Triton and Capvis acquire ownership of Wittur from previous owners Goldman Sachs, Cerberus and Credit Suisse
2009 Establishment of Wittur production facility in Krupina, Slovakia
2006 The investor consortium Cerberus, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse acquire Wittur from the Wittur familiy and minority shareholders
2001 Sales companies founded in Sweden and Singapore
2000 Takeover of manufacturing facility in Scheibbs, Austria
Establishment of assembly plant in Londrina, Brazil
Takeover of production plant in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sales company set up in Warsaw, Poland
1999 Acquisition of production plant in Dresden, Germany
1997 Acquisition of sales company near Chester in the U.K.
1995 Foundation of Wittur production plant in Suzhou near Shanghai, China
1993 Acquisition of manufacturing facility in Istanbul, Turkey
Sales company established in Hong Kong
1991 New Group headquarters in Wiedenzhausen near Munich, Germany
Sales organisation set up in Sydney, Australia
1987 Acquisition of sales company near Paris, France
1980 Start of Wittur production in Zaragoza, Spain
1977 Establishment of Wittur production plant in Parma, Italy
Acquisition of sales company in Almere, the Netherlands
1968 Horst Wittur founds Wittur-Aufzugteile GmbH & Co at the age of 26 in Miesberg near Munich, Germany

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