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Training & Development

At Wittur, we invest in training and development activities to ensure our people never stop growing and increase their capacity to contribute, reach new goals and face new challenges in an always-dynamic industry.



At Wittur, knowledge and knowledge management are considered one of our most strategic assets. Training programs contribute to our efforts for attracting, retaining and developing our people, as well as enhance our teams to better serve and support our customers and business partners. Through our internal training school, the Wittur Academy, we provide an effective combination of online and classroom learning on Wittur’s main areas of knowledge: products, processes and soft/managerial skills. Wittur Academy is based on a collaborative model, in which employees can not only learn but also share their knowledge, acting as internal trainers in their own area of expertise.


At Wittur, specific HR processes dedicated to people development go hand in hand with opportunities to learn and grow on the job. Our Performance Management system helps to create a culture in which open and honest dialogue between employees and their managers fosters a sense of co-responsibility in personal and professional development. Opportunities to take part in local and international projects combined with individual proactivity allow our people to take on new responsibilities, grow their professional skills and unlock their potential, whatever their job, department, or location is.