Wittur Tools

Mechanical Packages

Wittur offers a range of Mechanical Packages as a combination of Wittur original components to offer complete solutions for both new installation and modernization elevator market needs.

Wide component portfolio and system elevator knowledge.

Scope & Advantages:
  • Maximization of components compatibility and adaptation to shaft exigences.
  • Fast configuration based on elevator system variables.
  • Easy ordering trough unique Wittur ERP system and Wittur additional web calculation tools.
  • Optimization of logistics processes and cost.
  • Improvement and savings on installation methods.
  • Full Wittur quality standards.
  • Total adaptation to most widely electronic systems.
  • Easy application of Wittur car and landing door systems
  • Assurance of full spare parts Wittur original equipment.
  • Analysis and calculation of special projects.

Standardized Mechanical Packages:
  • Car Packages
  • Machine Packages
  • Car Sling Packages
  • CWT Safety Packages
  • Safety Packages


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