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Modernization Solutions

Linear Door Operators

The SGV modernization kit is available for most OEM's.

MOD kits include adjustable car door operator brackets, door panel adapters to interface with existing door panels, and the clutch with integrated car door interlock.

SGV door operators combine robust design and high performance with eco-efficient drives.

SGV SUPRA linear door operators achieve their high performance, high speed operation through a powerful permanent magnet synchronous motor.

The SGV modernization packages are equipped with customized interface components for an easy and quick installation.

No on-site adaptations required! Made in North America.

Door Drive Parameters SUPRA
Motor characteristics 3 Phases Permanent
Magnet Synchron Motor
Drive V3F-Converter (vector control)
Average Power Consumption 170 W
Max Momentary Power Consumption 900 W
Power Supply Univ. 115-230 V ±20% 50/60 Hz
Max. Speed 3.3 ft/s (1.0 m/s)
Max. Panel Weight by Railing SGV2 = 275 Ib (125 kg)
Protection Class IP20
Storage Temperature -45 ... +70°C
Operating Ambient Temperature -20 ... +50°C
Humidity Range 98% max. 40°C
Regulations and Codes EN 81, ASME A17.5,
Electromagnetic compatibility Immunity and emission protection
acc. EN 12015/16
Max Movable Masses
(car & landing door panels)
1320 Ibs/600 kg
Noise Level (door operator) Average 50 dB2, max 55 dB
Estimated Lifetime More than 5 million cycles
SGV: Mid and heavy duty door equipment
for new installation and modernization

Landing Tracks, Hangers, Sills, and Door Panels

Wittur’s Tracks and Hangers provide smooth and quiet door operation, improving reliability with a robust design, proven and easy installable components.

Our doors and entrances are installed in highly prestigious buildings all over North America.

Various finishes such as brushed or mirrored metals, etched patterns embossing or almost any material our customer desires can be applied or laminated to doors and frames in order to create a special design.

Safety Devices & Roller Guides

Wittur overspeed governors can cover a broad range of speeds and can be applied both to machine room-less and traditional installations. 

They can be engaged at any point along perimeter of pulley and assure high lifetime due to limited pulley wear.

CSGB 02/03
low-mid rise
high rise
low-mid rise
high rise

WRG Roller Guide Shoes

  • Can be placed on both cars and counterweights frames, for medium and high-speed elevators up to 2,000 FPM (10,0 m/s).
  • Roller Sizes from 3” to 12” (80-300mm).
  • All rollers are separately spring-loaded ensuring maximum ride comfort.
  • Uniform design concept - optimized for its field of application.
  • Suitable for T-Profile guide rails only.
  • Experienced technology for an absolute smooth ride.
  • Roller guides are pre-assembled and adjusted for installation.
  • Fitting kit for the exact installation of the roller guides is included.
WRG Roller Guide Shoes:
for High Speed Installation
Roller Guide Shoes

Gearless Machines

Now available for the North American market, Wittur Gearless machines.

All machines are UL/CSA certified and compliant with ASME A17.1

The machines are versatile with various sheave sizes and groove styles, 1:1 or 2:1 roping with single or double wrap configurations.

The machines are available for low-rise to high-rise application.

WSG21 WSG25 WSG-29
WSG-21 WSG-25 WSG-29


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