A New Fire Prevention System to Further Increase Safety at Wittur Colorno

Colorno, 22th March, 2022


A new fire prevention system was recently installed at Wittur Colorno site.
The system includes a water stockage pool that, combined with a motor pumping system, the installation of automatic water sprinklers in the most critical production areas and a new network of water pipes, greatly enhances the fire prevention system on site.

The new water stocking system can contain 900 m3 of water and the distribution systems is capable of delivering water at a pressure of 7 bars to the network all around the facility and 10-11 bar to the sprinklers system.

One key feature of the system is the automatically activated water sprinklers to be installed in the painting and warehouse areas. In particular, thanks to the new detection system in the painting area, emergency is managed with the following steps: acoustic alert - lighting alert - gas disabling - sprinkler activation.
The works on site started in August 2021 and were managed by Local HSE and Safety department of Colorno Plant; they involved the local fire brigade right from the start to make sure that the project is totally in line with the last national laws for fire prevention.

We are currently in commissioning stage of the water and piping system; the automatic sprinklers, compliant also with NFPA requirements [National Fire Protection Association], are going to be installed next, to be ready for the fire brigade inspection in October 2022 that is going to certify the renewal of the fire prevention certificate of the Plant.

Big kudos to the Italian team for further raising the operational safety of the Colorno Plant!

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