Wittur CUBE: a new experience at INTERLIFT 2015

7th August 2015


Wittur is proud to invite all professionals in the elevator business to come to the Interlift 2015 exhibition at the Augsburg Exhibition Centre from October 13th to October 16th 2015. The highlight of this year’s Interlift will be the new 1,500 m² modern pavilion, named ’WITTUR CUBE’,  exclusively dedicated to Wittur. WITTUR CUBE will be directly connected to the main entrance, Hall 1 and Hall 7.

The new building offers visitors the space required to experience a wealth of innovative elevator products, modules and solutions from Wittur’s extensive range.  All exhibits inside the Wittur cube are compliant with EN81-20/50, the new reference norm that is bringing a major change in the elevator industry.

A special corner, #innovation, will house the star exhibit at the show: an advanced engineering elevator developed by Wittur R&D with special components such as lightweight car and doors, Mechatronic safety gear with intelligent sensor, and a  ’zero gap’ sill.

All the other exhibits in the Wittur Cube will be divided into four corners: #Green, #Modernization, #HighPerformance, #NewBuildings.

#Green will present the wide range of Wittur electric drives and will give visitors the chance to check how many different solutions are available for each project. An example will be set up with six alternatives that can be used for a 1000 kg. 1,0 m/s elevator project: from the WSG-S2.3 with a 400 mm traction sheave diameter,  to the WSG-TR.5 with a 120 mm traction sheave and different rope diameters that can achieve  a reduction in mass from 360 kg to 122 kg, and a reduced rated power from 7 kW to 5.5 kW.

#Modernization will revolve around a complete MRM W Line elevator package for modernization in operation, which will be installed in the middle of the hall. Wittur modernization solutions, based on a new universal coupler, will demonstrate the most flexible approach to elevator modernization available on the market. The reduced sill, Fineline door will be on show in 2-panel and 4 panel formats. The new EOS D300 electronic overspeed governor, designed to fit in most modernization projects, and a real example of a modernization package for car doors will also be on display in this area.

#HighPerformance will attract the interest of visitors with the WSG 21 gearless drive for demanding machine room applications; Pegasus Skyline and Pegasus industrial doors for high-rise and heavy-duty installations; and special door designs for architectural projects. Two new and unique car designs for special projects will also be on show in this corner.

#NewBuildings is the area for mainstream solutions: the MRL W Line machine-room-less elevator with E-Pack controller-inverter combination; the MCS1 modular car; the AUGUSTA EVO landing and car doors for commodity projects; and the HYDRA EVO landing door and HYDRA PLUS car door, the most versatile door system for a wide range of applications. A selection of Wittur safety gears featuring CSGB 01, 02, 03 and OL25 overspeed governors will complement the corner.

The Hochschule Augsburg will be present with a desk to show the long-time co-operation with Wittur on a number of topics including new materials, digital tests and others. Also present will be the Wittur Academy and Wittur Consulting, two initiatives to extend Wittur’s scope of services to its customers by providing structured training courses and expert advice on norms and codes including compliance with EN 81 20/50.

The new Wittur On line Shop will be open in the CUBE to provide an easy and effective on-line channel to acquire spare parts, components and products related to the elevator world.

The Wittur auditorium inside the CUBE will host an agenda of presentations of exhibits and other topics of interest for visitors. These presentations will be in addition to the usual Wittur presence at the VFA technical forum. This year Wittur will perform three presentations at VFA: EN 81 -20/-50 - The Biggest Evolution of Lift Norms ever, by Wolfgang Adldinger on Tuesday 13.10.2015 at 14:00; Innovative Control-by-Wire Technology for Elevator Safety, by Dr. Etienne Nitidem on Thursday 15.10.2015 at 14:30; Preparing for EN81 20/50, by Andrea Bondavalli on Wednesday 14.10.2015 at 10:30.

The Wittur CUBE is set to become a major feature of Interlift 2015 and Wittur looks forward to meeting all visitors to the exhibition.  Don’t miss it!

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