Wittur Group First Sustainability Report is now online!

6th June, 2022


On June 5th, we celebrated the World Environment Day 2022; today we are taking this occasion to release our first Sustainability Report.

Sustainability is one of Wittur's 7 Values and we are proudpublish this report, which  highlights Wittur's sustainability strategy and its commitment to sustainable growth, social responsibility and attention to environmental challenges.

During 2021, Wittur has accelerated its efforts in sustainable and innovative solutions. Today we are sharing with you the progresses we made.

Wittur Sustainability Report states the key targets of Wittur sustainability strategy, based on the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations; it also covers the key ecological and social developments during the fiscal year 2020 & 2021 and contains financial data and sustainability information such as international external projects.

Go to the Sustainability Section and download the Sustainability Report!

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