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ANACAM Magazine, June - September 2023

WITTUR ELEVATORSENSE ®: the digital companion for the installation and maintenance of Wittur doors

DOORS have always been the most exposed elevator component: 70% of emergency calls are due to door-related malfunctions. The frequency of opening and closing cycles, the flow of people entering and leaving the elevator car and, in some cases, vandalism, expose doors to high levels of damage and wear. In addition to designing inherently robust doors, quality of installation and proper maintenance are critical to ensure smooth operation and avoid frequent recalls and urgent repair work.

Mastering the intricacies of door installation and service allows the best companies to have fully satisfied customers and optimize the cost of field operations. For this reason, Wittur has utilized its more than 50 years of experience in elevator door design and developed ElevatorSense®, an intelligent hardware-software platform that helps field technicians install and maintain Wittur doors to achieve the best possible performance.

Based on the latest sensor and IoT (Internet of Things) technology, ElevatorSense® easily connects to the Wittur ECO+/MIDI+ controller and analyses door operation using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. The processing is carried out in Wittur data centres, which use the highest level of security and encrypted data transmission. The processing results are
made available on any smartphone or tablet using the Wittur ElevatorSense® App or on a PC via a web browser.

Field technicians can interact with ElevatorSense® via an easy-to-use App, which returns accurate information and recommendations for targeted action.


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