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Art. 13 and 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Information on gathering and processing personal data of applicants at Wittur

WITTUR places great importance on protecting the personal data of applicants. This information will explain how WITTUR will deal with the personal data of applicants.

WITTUR places great importance on protecting the personal data of applicants. This information will explain how WITTUR will deal with the personal data of applicants.

1- The purpose of data collection

WITTUR uses personal data from applicants to complete the job placement process. You can apply for positions at WITTUR in writing, by e-mail or online. We assure you that your information will be handled confidentially after receipt by us. The data provided by you is only processed and used for the purpose of selecting applicants.

2- Which data is collected?

We only collect data that is required for application procedures at WITTUR. First, as applicant, your personal data, such as name, address and contact details (e-mail and/or telephone number) will be collected. Data on the position you are applying for is also collected in accordance with regulations. For applications to our company, you must also inform us about your career, and send us a letter along with your certificates and diplomas.

3- Application information and data minimisation

When sending your application, you must ensure that the information sent by you is accurate. Please note that any false declaration or omission is grounds for rejection or subsequent dismissal. We do not require information from you that, in accordance with the General Equality of Treatment Act, cannot be exploited. Please, therefore, do not provide any unnecessary information on illnesses, pregnancy, ethnic origin, political views, philosophical or religious convictions, membership of a union, physical or mental health, sex life, slanderous or defamatory information, or information that has nothing to do with your professional profile. Please do not pass on to us any confidential internal or company secrets from your previous or current employer.

4- Who processes the data and to what end?

The data collected by WITTUR is only processed internally or by external bodies as required to complete the application process, such as server operators, and exclusively for the purposes of processing your application. The external bodies are bound by contractual obligations and data protection regulations for dealing with personal data. If your application is successful, your application data will be processed further by WITTUR if this is necessary for the purposes of your employment contract. If your application is unsuccessful, your application data will be deleted since it is no longer required, but WITTUR reserves the right, as permitted by law, to store your personal data for a specific period, which generally may not exceed six months, to comply with legal provisions, and in particular, to meet the obligations of the General Equality of Treatment Act (AGG).
Beyond this period, WITTUR may store the application data you sent to us in our application database if you so wish for future applications and expressly give your consent as per the provisions of the German data protection ordinance.

5- Right of access, processing and deletion of your personal data

  You may request, at any time, to view the data submitted to WITTUR by you for the application. Furthermore, if there is a need for correction, you may demand that the data be modified or deleted. You may also, at any time, withdraw your application. If you withdraw your application, your data will be deleted in accordance with the procedure indicated under point 4.

6- Data security

We protect our data with measures for data security that meet current legal provisions on data protection and that employ the state of the art (including firewalls, anti-virus software, intrusion detection software).

7- Questions and concerns about data protection

If you have any questions or concerns about data protection, please contact our data protection officer:

Wittur Electric Drives: Mr. Steve Vetter – External Data Protection Officer, Schanzenstraße 17, 01097 – Dresden, Germany: steve.vetter@vc-datenschutz.de
Wittur GmbH: ITTR Datenschutz GmbH, Dr. Sebastian Kraska : skraska@ittr.de
Wittur S.p.a and Sematic Spa: dpoitaly@wittur.com