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December 12th, 2014

The next edition of the International Trade Fair for Elevators, Components and Accessories is scheduled for 13th – 15th of October 2015. The first interlift in the Augsburg Exhibition Centre dates back to 1991 with Wittur being recognized as being one of the exhibitors that attended all editions ever since.
Having the largest range of products as a supplier in the elevator industry, Wittur traditionally reserved its exhibition space in the middle of the spacious Hall 7. However, we frequently struggled to be able to show all of our newly developed products and solutions. Last year we inaugurated a radically new concept based on a central square highlighted by four advanced multimedia banners. The concept was very well received: With more than 1,300 registered visitors during the four days and the strong support by the whole Wittur team, the interlift 2013 turned into a great success.
Consequently, the bar was raised to a very high level and therefore an international team is already working on exceeding these high expectations. The exhibition space for the interlift is always in high demand and this is why the exhibition organizers decided to add a new pavilion next to the main exhibition entrance. As the Wittur Group is being the biggest exhibitor at the event, we were offered the opportunity of accommodating ourselves in the new pavilion as our new location and we decided to go for it.
The interlift 2015 will provide a completely redesigned entrance setup between the Convention Centre and Hall 1. Next to the main entrance a new construction will be prepared: an eight meter high exhibition hall, completely free of columns, which will be preceded by a service area. The new 1,500 m² modern lightweight construction in the middle of the exhibition center will be named “WITTUR CUBE” and it will be exclusively dedicated to Wittur and is set to become the new focal point of the interlift.
The new building is going to offer Wittur a wealth of new possibilities and more space to present the incredibly wide scope of our range. At the same time, the availability of more space will give us further possibilities to inform our customer, to perform live activities and presentations following the spirit of the Wittur Academy and, generally speaking, will enhance our capability to turn our customer’s visit into a profitable time for their business.
New ideas for our stand concept and layout are currently being developed and we are looking forward to setting up another successful exhibition team, which will turn “Safety in Motion” into 4 days of exciting sales activities with our international customers.

Franco Roccheggiani (Corporate Director Marketing),
Carlo Ferrari (Marketing Communication Manager) 
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December 4th, 2014

Wittur announced today the end of the extension works in its production facility in Krupina, Slovakia.
The project started at the end of 2013 and it included a compete redesign of the exhisting hall layout and the introduction of a complete production line for steelworks and related painting line.
The current total production and warehouse area of Wittur Slovakia is in excess of 8000 sqm; this important investment offers Wittur an increased production capability for its best-selling products.
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Safety rules for the construction and installation of elevators subject to seismic conditions

According to installation place, acceleration (d) is the basic value to calculate the corrective actions due to seismic hazard.
Four categories of seismic hazard from 0 to 3 are defined.
Special engineering in the elevator construction is then applied to avoid injuries, people trapped in the elevator, oil leakage and out of order elevators.

A selection of corrective actions includes:

• Sling: special sling retaining devices
• Counterweight: frame and filler retaining devices
• Car door: independent car door locks
• Drive: rope retaining device on pulley
• Guided compensation chains
• Rupture valve on hydraulic systems
• Emergency power supply for rescue
• Seismic detection system.

Wittur elevator packages can also be supplied with compliance to EN81-77. Ask you Wittur contact!
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Zaragoza, Spain, October 24th, 2014

Wittur disclosed today a project for a new test tower, which is currently being built in Wittur production facility in Zaragoza, spain.
The test tower can host up to two complete 2500 kg elevators for testing purposes. It is 30 metres high, with 8 stops. 
The new testing facility will be used to develop the range of Wittur components and solutions including Wittur complete elevator packages.End of construction works is scheduled for March 2015.
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October 20th, 2014

Interview to Wolfgang Adldinger, Wittur Corporate Director for Lift Norms by Christian Obenhaupt.
Wolfgang Adldinger is the Corporate Director for Lift Norms and his time at Wittur reaches back over 20 years.
Norms describe and ensure a certain level of safety and quality standards that companies (our customers and suppliers like us) have legally to fulfill in order to bring their products onto a market. Norms can be considered as a strategic management tool because they can enable or restrict access to different markets, reduce costs, eliminate waste and improve efficiency.
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October 6th, 2014

Wittur is committed to offer the highest degree of safety and quality in each elevator market segment. In the spirit of continuous improvement, AUGUSTA EVO, a brand new Wittur door for residential applications, is available for sale starting on October 20th, 2014
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September 24th, 2014

Wittur introduced on October 2014 E-pack, a new integrated Elevator controller and motor inverter in one housing. This drive solution can be installed in Wittur MRL W line and MRM W line lift packages with a variety of options.
Advantages of e-Pack
  • Fast installation: Pre-arranged cabinet complete with all electrical components. Push buttons, cabling, shaft lighting, alarm telephone systems are included and preconfigured;
  • Fits in every shaft: compact standard cabinet or cabinet integrated in landing door frame + small remote cabinet in the shaft;
  • Easy update: Integrated SD card reader in the hand terminal;
  • Easy setting: Automatic motor tuning, shaft learning features;
  • Remote control: hand-held terminal with TFT color display connected via CAN bus. No PC or other equipment necessary for E-Pack installation;
  • 5 pre-set comfort settings: no complex acceleration and deceleration parameters, quick installation menu;
  • Easy check: Automatic procedure to control shaft and car CAN bus, connected elements and encoder;
  • Updated manuals always available: Manuals are stored in the firmware in several languages and can be accessed using the hand-held terminal;
  • Advanced features: High stopping accuracy, direct landing, energy-saving mode, digital shaft learning, short floor travel without additional hardware, internal input EMI filter, internal DC choke, 230VAC safety circuit voltage;
  • E-Pack: available for rated loads up to 1050 kg.
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May 13th to 16th 2014, Guangzhou, China

Wittur was present at the World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2014 from May 13th to16th at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China.  The Wittur China booth was located at Area A, Hall 2.1, stand 2115
The Wittur stand featured the new Wittur logo, "Safety in motion": a worldwide quality manufacturing process ensures that elevator parts from Wittur deliver the highest level of safety possible. Wittur China has always been focused on understanding customers’ need, providing Chinese market with global high performance solutions and value-added services, seeking for joint success with Chinese elevator manufacturers. By 2014, Wittur China has 21 sales service centers to keep close collaboration with its customers.
WEE Expo visitors ware able to experience Wittur’s wide range of solutions and a selection of new products on the booth. The products and solutions are arranged by five keywords:  Safety, Innovation, Modernization, High-performance, and Energy-saving.
The NETTUNO with under driven mechanism, equipped with WFSD, which prevents fingers to be trapped when dragged by glass panels, was displayed in the Safety section.  Wittur fire rated doors also were also presented. The UCM solution which consists of the electronic overspeed governor EOS and the bi-directional progressive safety gear BSG-25P were also presented.  A selection of other Wittur safety components further demonstrated Wittur’s expertise in elevator safety. 
In this corner, Wittur displayed a series of most innovative solutions, such as HYDRA Evo, the EN81-20/50 compliant evolution of Wittur HYDRA; MCS1, a new range of modular cars based on an innovative fixing system. A square panoramic car, which is easy to adapt to both technological and prestigious environments was presented as well.
PEGASUS Skyline was displayed as a representation of Wittur’s high-performance solutions. A series of safety components applied for high performance completed this section.
In the energy saving section, WSG 09, the machine solution with high efficiency and reduced power consumption, developed and produced for China market, was displayed for the first time in a Chinese exhibition. WSG-S2 was displayed as a representation of WSG-S series machine. ECO+ and MIDI+ brushless door drives with energy efficient operation and 0 watt standby capability were also available on the booth.
A modernization kit for door which is designed to replace specific products was the highlight display. Moreover, reference modernization projects were shown in the modernization section.
Wittur booth visitors were able to experience on-site landing door assembling in the Wittur Academy section and get more detailed information about Wittur China academy. Training sessions are available in both Wittur Academy China in Suzhou and Wittur Academy Europe in Wiedenzhausen, Germany. Moreover, trainers of Wittur Academy delivered live presentations for all solutions and products on the Wittur booth. 
Wittur held the “Safety in Motion” seminar on May 14th from 14:00 to 16:00 in the 1st Meeting Room, in Hall 1.2, Area A. Experts from Wittur Europe and China delivered presentations about Wittur’s latest products and concepts.
We all at Wittur were glad to meet you at China Import and Export Fair Complex from May 13th to 16th in Area A, Hall 2.1, Stand 2115.  We are at your disposal for further talks to empower your business with Wittur modules, solutions and components.
For Further information:
Jewel Zhu | Marketing 
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June 30th, 2014

Wittur declared today that its Testing and Innovation Centre (TIC) in Scheibbs was submitted to a major overhaul to achieve an efficient bundling of R&D resources and competences.
The overhauled TIC centre now offers an optimised environment to develop and test innovative ideas with mock ups, perform functional tests on prototypes, analyse products to determine improvements, support the continuous development of Wittur and partner product with structured tests. 
A new state of the Art test lift was installed in  a second separate shaft in the existing test tower. It offers an ideal platform to test safety gears, new ropes, positioning systems and electronic safety gears, UCM systems, motors and other shaft components.
The availability of the new additional test lift is going to further push Wittur R&D activities for continuous improvement of current products and is going to significantly reduce time required for testing innovative elevator products.
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May 12th, 2014

Wittur announced today that Wittur MRMW Line elevator package for modernization with reduced pit and headspace is available to order strating from june 2014.

The MRM W-Line, Wittur’s flexible machine roomless electric lift, offers an ideal solution for new lifts in existing buildings based on an innovative modular design. The MRM W-Line design makes optimal use of space and offers reduced energy consumption.

The MRM W Line fulfills all the requirements of the Lift Directive 95/16/EC, as well as the standards EN81-1:A3, EN81-28 (remote alarm on passenger and goods lifts) and EN81-58 (landing door fire resistance test). Wittur additionally offers the option of supplying the MRM W Line to comply with EN81-70 (designed to improve accessibility), EN81-73 (behaviour of lifts in the event of fire) and EN81-21 (reduced pit and head room).

Further information are available on Wittur website under elevator components/systems.
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