Revista del Ascensor, July-August 2011

In an intense journey that began in the morning of Friday, July 8th, 2011 and lasted until the early hours of July 9th, Wittur of Argentina received and entertained all customers, domestic and foreign, in its manufacturing plant in Sarandi, Province from Buenos Aires. The meeting's objective was fully accomplished: after visiting the Showroom products and touring the manufacturing plant, the guests attended an interesting instructive talk. After a general discussion of the Group worldwide, Wittur presented the new standard elevator CITY and explained installation manuals and technical catalogue, which from now on, customers will have to consult when buying their complete lifts from Wittur.
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Lift Journal 1/2011

Wittur group has completed the E120 firecertification for its LUNA range of roundlanding door types (series 3600) according to the European standard EN 81-58.
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Elevator World November 2010

Wittur SPA supplied a modernization package for two passenger elevators for Opéra Garnier in the Palais Garnier in Paris.
The first elevator system was modernized in April, and the second in June-July. The lifts have a rated load of 2000 kg and are capable of speeds up to 1.6 mps. The two cars also feature Hydra glassframed doors with a special silkscreen printing design in the lower part to give optical continuity to the nearby iron balustrade. 
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Elevator World April 2010

Following a serious illness, Horst Wittur died on February 6 at the age of 67. At the age of 26, the native of Plzen, Czechoslovakia founded the company that would eventually bear his name in 1968 after moving to Germany.
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Appartement & Eigenaar (Apartment & Owner) November 2009

Wittur has many multinational lift companies as a client, but the name is “over shadowed” by the names of the lift installation companies whose name is always inside the lift car.

April 2010 Wittur BV celebrates their 50th anniversary. Originally the company was named Bot lifttechniek , founded in 1960. In 2001 the company goes with the name Wittur. German “Gründlichkeit” is where they go for. They supply lift components en complete lifts. From big to small, electrical or hydraulic, you can find it there. 
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ASANSÖR DÜNYASI, Issue 91 September-October 2009

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Sale Elevator Market 05/2008

WEE EXPO 08: Technical seminar in Lang Fang - text in chinese
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Elevatori 01/2008

A panel discussion within the proceedings of the Istanbul International Disabled Congress 07, organized by AYSAD on the topic of “Accessibility to Buildings”, was held on Sunday, December 9, 2007
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