Wittur group activity is focused on the development and production of a wide range of Elevator components. From doors to drives, from cars to safety gears up to complete elevator package, Wittur compoments are extensively used by the best elevator companies worldwide.

Landing doors

Since 1968 Wittur supplies the lift industry with versatile and high-quality doors. Design flexibility, coupled with full range of certifications, makes Wittur landing doors suitable for every application. A wide variety of available finishings and executions allows them to fit in every environment: from residential to exclusive office buildings, from exterior installations to luxurious marine projects, from industrial buildings to hospitals.


Car doors

Since 1977 Wittur has been providing the lift industry with versatile and high-quality doors. More than 30 years later Wittur is the leading company in the lift doors segment, with state-of-the-art technical solutions and unparalleled product range. Regardless of whatever your lift requires - a round door with panoramic panels rather than a straight or a folding one - Wittur can supply the best solution for your needs.


Overspeed Governors

Research for innovative solutions and rigid control of product quality are key features of Wittur Safeties. 
Wittur overspeed governors can cover a broad range of rated loads and speeds and can be applied both to machine roomless and traditional installations. Our overspeed governors can be engaged at any point along perimeter of pulley and assure high life time due to limited pulley wear.


Car slings

Wittur offers a wide range of car and counterweight frames.  Modularly conceived, these components are very flexible in terms of rated load, height and width. The wide range of accessories includes safety gears, suspension pulleys, compensation chain and travelling cable hangers,  allowing configurations suitable for different shaft layouts, lift designs and rated speeds. Wittur can also supply special frames for tailored projects.



Wittur aims at fulfilling customers’ expectations in terms of car design elegance, extension of product range, configuration flexibility and installation easiness.

The offer includes a wide selection of cars, both for passengers and goods transportation, with applications from the residential to the most exclusive buildings. 


Safety Devices

Research for innovative solutions and rigid product quality control are key features of Wittur Safeties.
The product range includes uni- and bi-directional, instantaneous and progressive safety gears. 
Devices for ascending car overspeed protection are also available. The products are suitable both for new equipments or modernization. 

Certified UCM solutions according to EN81-1/2 A3

Wittur UCM Solutions

According to EN81-1/2 A3 and EN81-21 A1 (new lifts in existing buildings), new lifts installed after January 1st 2012 must be equipped with a system to prevent a car moving away from the floor with the landing door not in the locked position and the car door not in the closed position.
A UCM solution can be certified as a system (type examination certificate) or composed by tested components.
The UCM unit shall detect unintended movement of the car, shall cause the car to stop and keep it stopped.


Shaft Accessories

All shaft accessories are important to secure smooth operation and long lifetime to the lift. That's why Wittur offers a wide variety of shaft accessories: guide shoes (sliding or roller type), proximity sensors, guide rail brackets, pulleys, pit ladders, buffers


Hydraulic drives

Wittur Hydraulic Drives offers pump units for home-lifts, passenger and freight lifts, with or without machine room.

A complete range of gearless lift machines

Lift Machines

  • Fulfilment of Lift Directives, EN and TRA specific.
  • EU type-examination certificate
  • nominal load: approx. 320 ... 9,800kg (2:1)
  • nominal speed: 0.5 ... 6.0 m/s (2:1)
  • high efficiency, low noise level, no gear oil


Modernizations for existing lifts EN81-80 / SNEL

Modernization of a lift system means a partial overhauling, where some previous components are kept in use.
The target of a modernization is to obtain modernized lift systems with safety and accessibility levels equal to new lift systems.

A modernized lift system uses newer technologies, is easier to operate, features a reduced energy consumption and is compliant to EN81-80 / SNEL (Safety norms for Existing Lifts).

EN81-80 / SNEL describes 74 hazards that must be removed. Existing lifts are being tested according to this hazard list by a certification body. The test result gives information about the current lift status and the list of components that have a higher hazard from a safety point of view. The higher hazard components must be replaced first.

Wittur has been supplying components and modernization kits for existing lifts for more than 50 years. By providing specific modernization kits for specific lift models, Wittur enables quick modernization intervention with a proven reliability.

Wittur sales network is at your disposal to assist you for specific modernization projects to find out the best solution for your requirements.

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Search Engine Modernization Solutions


Special Components

A long experience in the lift business enables Wittur to perform special “tailor-made” project to produce unique lift components that can be fully integrated in prestigious buildings.

Wittur cooperates actively with architects and designers to translate aesthetic ideas into performing systems and to raise the value of each project.

The availability of components with a high aesthetic appeal such as glass and glass-framed panels, round doors, panoramic glass cars, combined with Wittur expertise in tailoring the execution of each single component, means that no limits are set to the quality level that it is possible to obtain.

Wittur is also a supplier of peculiar components for lift used in very special markets:
  • Marine lifts compliant with MED (Marine Equipment Directive) IMO (International Marine Organization) standards
  • Freight lifts, which can rely on the availability of heavy load gearless drives and hydraulic solutions
  • Inclined lifts that can be adapted to the physical features of the installation environment

For these special projects Wittur can capitalise on innovative solutions and specific safety components from its more than 300 international patents.


Entrances for North America

Tyler produces both standard and custom entrances in a large variety of shapes, materials and finishes in order to meet any customer and architectural need. 

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