320-2500 kg

 1,0-3,0 m/s

 160 m

 Central guided

 Wittur SF-MF-LF series

 Single or double entrance

 Side or center opening

 Complete system or mechanical kit only

 EN 81-20/EN 81-50/EN 81-21
 EN 81-28/EN 81-70/EN 81-71



  • Stainless Steel Series
  • Color Series
  • Laminates Series
  • Glass Series

*Please refer to Wittur MCS1 Car Catalogue for further details.

Special Cars

Wittur supplies different kind of special cars, such as panoramic cars which can be adapted to any situation and it can be also customized with a lot of finishes.

Panoramic Cars

Wittur provides completely transparent panoramic cars, easy to adapt to both technological environments and refined and prestigious environments.


Please refer to Wittur MCS1 Car Catalogue for further details.


 Augusta EVO





* Please refer to Wittur Door Catalogue for further details
** Available only in selected markets (Turkey, China and India)


Smooth, fast and comfortable travel



E-Pack Evo
  • Power Range: between 4 kW and 22 kW
  • Silent: operates quietly through its contractor-less system (Safe Torque Off-STO)
  • Compact Dimensions: lift controller and frequency inverter integrated in one device
  • DSP-Based design: highest level of comfort and efficiency
  • Fast Installation: pre-arranged cabinet complete with all electrical components
  • Group Control: support for group of lifts up to 8
  • Hardware: built-in RFI filter and choke coil
  • Interfaces: USB and Ethernet
  • Remote Access: remote access via internet
  • Access Control: integrated access control and VIP access support
  • TFT Hand Terminal

E-Pack Plus
  • Compact Dimensions: integrated control with frequency inverter
  • Fast Installation: pre-arranged cabinet complete with all electrical components
  • Fits in every Shaft: with compact control cabinet dimensions or with service panel in front of the landing door frame and the power unit inside the head room
  • Easy Update: the hand-held terminal stores all data in the integrated SD card
  • Easy Setting: automatic motor tuning, shaft learning features
  • Remote Control: can bus connection between hand-held terminal with colored TFT display and lift. No PC needed
  • 5 Pre-Set Comfort Parameters: the most 5 important parameters for fast and safe commissioning
  • Always have an access to the latest manuals: with hand-held terminal always access to the latest firmware
  • Further Advantages: high stopping accuracy, retraction with opening door, energy-saving mode, releveling, short floor drive, integrated EMC filter and DC choke, 230 VAC safety circuit
  • Hand Terminal

Shaft Information System

Absolut shaft information system by ELGO or conventional shaft copy system with magnet switches.

E-Pack Max
FST-2XT with S1 Safety System

At a Glance
  • Separate control panel and frequency inverter
  • Optimal coordination between drive and inverter
  • Communication between frequency inverter and control panel via DCP
  • Full access to control panel and frequency inverter via remote data transmission (Optional)
  • Easier teach-in process
  • Panel is easily expandable with module or software

S1 Safety System​
  • Replaces conventional information system and mechanical safety functions
  • Decreased material cost
  • Decreased assembly cost
  • Operation and diagnose via Fst 2xt guide display
  • Shaft information by LIMAX 33 RED sensor with ELGO magnetic tape and S1 Safety System

COP-LOP: Moon Series


COP-LOP: Ocean Series

Ocean Series

COP-LOP: Sunset Series

Sunset Series

Product Overview

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