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Current requirements for lifts - Safety, Construction, Fire Protection

More than 250 lift professional gathered together for the 27th edition of Heilbron’s Lift Days in Heilbronn, Germany.
The main topic of this year’s edition was “Current requirements for lifts - Safety, Construction, Fire Protection”. Technical presentations were divided into 3 main groups:
1. Codes & Standards
2. Building regulations & fire requirements
3. Legal questions about maintenance and lift checking
Markus Hößle from Wittur Holding GmbH gave a presentation about “Experiences with tests of fire-resistant doors” . He highlighted the expertise of Wittur group in dealing with the different fire-resistant certifications in terms of technical development, range of available door types and model and range of available dimensions and finishing.
Please refer to your local Wittur sales contact for further information about Wittur range of fire-resistant doors.

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2010 calendar

Please be informed about 2010 exhibitions where Wittur will be present worldwide:

EXPO Elevador 2010
August 18th - 19th 
Centro de Esposiçoes Imigrantes, Sao Paulo, Brazil

October 20th - 22nd
Trade Fair Centre, Kielce, Poland

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Mumbai, India, Feb 3rd - 5th, 2010

Wittur was present at IEE EXPO, the most important exibition in India related to the lift industry, that took place at the Bombay Exhibition Center Goregaon in Mumbai, India,  from Wednesday Feb. 3rd to Friday Feb. 5th, 2010.
Wittur Group exhibited a wide range of Wittur products, including:
  • Wittur AUGUSTA landing door with RAL painted panels and frames (a smart commodity door, reliable and easy to install);
  • Wittur HYDRA fire-resistant EN 81-58 landing door with glass framed panels, stainless steel finishing and anti-vandal certification EN 81-71 Class 1 (a high quality door for public buildings);
  • Wittur AUGUSTA car door operator with new ECO+ drive for reduced power consumption;
  • Wittur HYDRA car door operator with new ECO+ drive for reduced power consumption;
  • The new Wittur HD Hydraulic pump equipped with electronic valve from Wittur Hydraulic Drives (Bergamo, Italy);
  • The Wittur HD HM hydraulic pump with mechanical valve;
  • WLG 08 and S1 gearless drives from Wittur Electric Drives (Dresden, Germany);
  • The Wittur HD "Minilift" hydraulic pump for lift platforms;
  • OL35 overspeed governor and BSG bidirectional safety gear from Wittur GmbH (Scheibbs, Austria).
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Official opening ceremony at Wittur GmbH´s Technology and Innovation Center in Scheibbs, Austria.

With its landmark test tower rising 50 metres high, the new TIC (Technology and Innovation Center) opened by Wittur GmbH in Scheibbs, Austria, is a visible symbol of the innovative and future-oriented approach taken by the entire Wittur Group.
Frames, door operators, safety components and drives are to be developed at the TIC to expand Wittur’s own product range. In addition, joint development projects with customers will benefit from Wittur’s long experience and know-how.
The TIC will enable Wittur GmbH to fulfil its mission and provide the Wittur Group with an outstanding level of R&D expertise for the development of innovative components.
A day-long official opening ceremony took place on July 11th, 2009, attended by many of those who made the TIC possible. They included representatives of the local authorities in Scheibbs and the Lower Austrian state authorities, Wittur Group customers and the entire staff of Wittur GmbH, along with their families who provided continuous support.
Mr. Andreas Zwerger, Managing Director of Wittur GmbH, welcomed the guests and introduced the speakers - Mr. Norbert Schleicher (Works Council), Mr. Ahmet Özcan (Staff Council), Mr. Johann Schragl (Mayor of Scheibbs), Mrs. Martina Gerersdorfer (Scheibbs District Commissioner) and Mr. Kurt Trnka (Vice President of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce). Their speeches underscored the importance of investing in research and development in times of economic turmoil by creating a facility such as the TIC. Positive mention was also made of the decision to celebrate the opening together with all the staff and their families as thanks for their outstanding dedication to Wittur and their contribution to realising the TIC.
Mr. Stephan Rojahn, President of the Wittur Group and Mr. Wolfgang Sobotka, as Vice President of Lower Austria, subsequently stressed the importance of the TIC, both for the development and future-oriented growth of the Wittur Group and as a symbol of ongoing expansion.
After the ribbon had been officially cut, the TIC was opened to all the guests. They were able to visit the test facility, watch a video of a lift test and then take the lift to the top of the tower to admire the breathtaking view - it was almost like flying high above the town of Scheibbs.
An afternoon of music and festivities followed, with a play corner for children of all ages and traditional Austrian music for everyone to enjoy until late in the evening.
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Hall 7

Wittur has been present at Interlift 09, the international trade fair for elevators, components and accessories that took place at Augsburg Exhibition Center from October 13th to October 16th, 2009.

At Wittur booth in Hall 7, stand 721, visitors coming from all over the world have been able to experience Wittur extensive range of products directly and got a glimpse of new products to come.
Mr. Sergio Biglino, Executive Vice President Corporate Sales & Marketing, Wittur Group, comments in a favourable way the outcome of the exhibition: "Wittur was pleased to meet its customers at Interlift 09 with innovations for energy efficiency, modernizations and accessibility, safety and special expertise in tailored lift projects.
As a global supplier, Wittur is transferring its worldwide competence to a new generation of lift components: smaller, less power-hungry, more flexible, easier to install. Many of this products were on display in Wittur stand in Hall 7”.
Wittur has been the first company to obtain the A-class energy efficiency certificate for complete MRL W-Line lifts made mainly using Wittur components at Wittur headquarters in Wiedenzhausen, Germany, as well as in Wittur production companies in Istanbul, Turkey and Scheibbs, Austria.
Most of the components used on these lifts were present on the Wittur stand, namely:
  • The new “ECO” series of gearless drives designed and produced by Wittur Electric Drives GmbH in Dresden, Germany. They feature a reduced current consumption of as much as 20% depending from the application;
  • Hydra Plus car doors, the internationally acclaimed door series which stands for utmost reliability, presented with the new generation of ECO+ and MIDI+ door drives. This new drives substantially reduce the energy consumption required for each opening/closing cycle (up to 48% compared to previous design) and have a very low standby consumption;
  • The new Hydraulic pump unit HI produced by Wittur Hydraulic Drives S.r.l. in Bergamo, Italy, equipped with inverter. The WITTUR HI pump unit is the only unit currently on the market that is able to control the car movement through an inverter only, thereby optimizing the motor efficiency at any given moment of the lift operation. Thanks to its specific configuration, the WITTUR HI pump unit is already compliant with the new EN 81-2 pr.A3 Standards, which will come into force in 2010.
  • The Hydraulic pump unit HE with electronic valve produced by Wittur Hydraulic Drives S.r.l. in Bergamo, Italy, which offers significant energy savings (up to 30% compared with traditional pump units installed in lifts with a short travel height)
Another section of the booth has been dedicated to Wittur experience in safety components:
  • UCM solution for protection against unintended car movement. The solution consists of electronic overspeed governor EOS and bi-directional progressive safety gear BSG-25P. Wittur EOS electronic overspeed governor, the innovative solution to comply with the new uncontrolled car movements directive. Thanks to the continuous electronic monitoring of position, speed and acceleration EOS offers a higher accuracy of measurement compared to conventional governors.
Modernization and accessibility solutions were also featured on Wittur Booth:
  • Fineline extended range of automatic lift doors: an extremely compact footprint designed to insert an automatic car door and an automatic landing door in a minimal depth (115 mm) when modernizing an existing lift with swing doors.
  • Hydra Plus 3000 car doors, presented in a new version with reduced sill thickness starting from 50 mm and equipped with the new generation of ECO+ and MIDI+ door drives. New solutions such as the possibility to place the motor on upper left or right without adapters account for high installation versatility
  • AMD car door operator modernization package. A perfect solution for car door operator modernization, with a wide rangeof pre-designed and customised solutions available
  • ECO Bus, the new patented folding car door available with flat or W-panels. ECO Bus features a light but strong design with sturdy deformation-resistant panels coupled together using high-strength extruded aluminium hinges
A special section was set up to show Wittur expertise in dealing with special applications, where customer targets are set very high:
  • Wittur round glass OSAKA lift car with LUNA round glass doors
  • Wittur Marine doors. A complete range of lift doors for passenger ships, cruise ships, cargo ships and off-shore platforms, designed and tested to work in extreme environments according to LD 96/98/EC, Marine Equipment (MED) and International Marine Organization (IMO) standards
  • HYDRA and PEGASUS full range of landing and car door types now available with vandal resistant certification according to EN 81-71:2005 (class 1)
  • Wittur MRL H-Pack system: a package of major lift components designed and engineered for an optimal interface. A dedicated solution for applications in hospital lifts according to ISO 4190 Class III.
  • Wittur Miami passenger car: WITTUR car equipped with lean light panels directly produced from Super Mirror stainless steel and LED lighting, available in a wide range of dimensions according to ISO 4190.
  • Wittur HHL W line lifting platform, suitable for removing architectural barriers in residential, office or public buildings. This is a Plug-and-play system for fast and easy installation, available with a wide range of finishing materials to complement any interior design and compliant with the requirements of the new Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and the prEN 81-41
 Wittur was also present at the VFA-Forums in Hall 2 during the exhibition with four presentations:
"Energy and Ecology Focus of the Wittur Group", Markus Hößle, Thursday 15.10.09, 09:30 - 09:50
"Trends for Modern Gearless Traction Machines", Jens Werdin, Tuesday 13.10.09, 14:00 - 14:20
"Rules and Regulations and Their Influence on a Lift according to the New Machine Directives", Thomas Bichler, Wednesday 14.10.09, 15:30 - 15:50 
"UCM-Technology", Florian Leutner, Friday 16.10.09, 13:00 - 13:20
Many visitors have taken the opportunity to speak directly with Wittur experts that have been present on the Wittur stand during the whole exhibition. Sales and technical representative from most Wittur trading companies worldwide have gathered together to provide customers the best-in-class support they expect from a company such as Wittur.

More and more about Interlift 09:

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Great interest for Wittur stand at “Lift EXPO Russia 2009” exhibition, that was held from May 27th to 29th, 2009 at All Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia.

In this international context Wittur Group has displayed the latest innovations from its production range: Hydra range of doors according to the various worldwide certifications, gearless drives manufactured by Wittur Electric Drives.

Moreover, a wide range of Safety devices and lift cabins featuring new LED lighting to reduce overall power consumption were also present on the stand, where they attracted the attention of the many visitors.

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Wittur Management Meeting, June 30 - July 2nd 2009

A group of Managers coming from all Wittur Production and Trading companies have gathered together in Prien am Chiemsee in Southern Germany for the Wittur Management Meeting 2009.

This traditional yearly meeting serves the purpose to analyse the lift market, discuss Wittur Group performances and agree on the future strategies regarding sales action, new products, possible new markets.

The 2009 theme has been, “Setting the Sails” – keeping a stable course in a difficult economic environment. Which means straightening the sales, improving tools and processes and increasing customers’ needs – step by step on our “Road to Excellence”.

An outstanding topic for 2009 meeting was also Wittur Corporate Values: the formal definition of the values underlining the everyday work of each Wittur employee.

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Official Opening Ceremony

The official opening of our new plant in Krupina, Slovakia, took place on 29 May 2009.
Over a production area of approx. 5,000 square metres, Wittur s.r.o. is now manufacturing frames for cabins and counterweights, safety devices, door drives and door operating mechanisms. Tens of thousands of these products will be leaving the Wittur s.r.o. works each year – offering our traditional quality and on-time delivery.
Thanks to the close co-operation between Krupina and Wittur GmbH technicians in Scheibbs, Austria , the layout of these facilities has been designed from the start according to the standards of the Wittur Production System (WPS).
After one year of planning, followed by a six-month construction period, the light-flooded production facilities and architecturally attractive office building have been released for production start-up.
The Wittur s.r.o. opening marks the beginning of yet another chapter in the success story of the Wittur Group.
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Istanbul, Turkey

Wittur has experienced an overcrowded stand at Asansör 2009 exhibition, that was held from 9 to 12 April 2009 at Tuyap Exhibition Center in Istanbul, Turkey.

The visitors on the stand have had the opportunity to experience the latest innovations from Wittur production range, such as Hydra range of doors according to the various worldwide certifications, the bed lift for hospitals H-Pack and lift cabins featuring LED lighting to reduce overall power consumption.

Attention to energy efficiency was also evident from the “Regen Operation” system: a Lift is used to produce energy during operation by exploiting its gearless drive. Furthermore, an hydraulic cylinder in “slim” version was shown and appreciated for the reduced quantity of oil needed.

A wide range of safety systems was also on the stand, including EOS, the new generation of electronic overspeed governors that, thanks to its acceleration based tripping system guarantees reduced intervention times and guarantees a higher safety level.

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WITTUR Sweden AB invites you to 2009's annual meeting for lift people

June 2nd-3rd, 2009

It's time again for Wittur to display the latest products from our wide range of supply!

Some products that we will be showing:

  • NEW Pegasus program
  • EOS Electronic OSG
  • Lift Machines geared & gearless
  • Lift Controllers
  • Light Screens
  • with according technical support

For further information: or +46 856475540

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