Elevator World India, 3rd Quarter 2015

by Kanika Goswami 

Wittur Group is one of the world's largest independent suppliers of components and systems for the elevator industry. Its portfolio includes elevator doors, safety components, gearless drives, cabins, car frames and counterweight frames. India's burgeoning elevator market attracted the brand to the country three years ago, and the venture has been successful since.
Speaking on the entry of Wittur in India, R. Sumanth, managing director, Wittur Elevator Components India Pvt. Ltd., says: "India is the second-largest market for elevators in the world, followed by China.
The market is growing 10-13%. The urban population was 3 77 million as per  the 2011 census, and this [number] is expected to grow to 590 million by the end of 2030.
This will translate to vertical growth in cities that are starved of construction spaces. [The] estimated urban housing shortage was close to 19 million units in 2012. The building industry that will close this gap will be the target for the elevator market, too, and this will be the biggest driver for the growth of the brand in India."

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Ascensores y Montacargas nr. 80 / July 2015

Wittur S.A.U. in Zaragoza, Spain, has unveiled a new elevator test tower which is prepared to perform the most demanding tests. It has a height of 31 meters and has two shafts of 3x3 meters each to test elevators with a load of up to 2,500 kg at 2.5 m /s . The tower, with a total area of 70 m2, has an additional service elevator with a capacity of14 people at 1.6 m/s to access the different floors and the panoramic meeting room at the top

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Sächsische Zeitung, 16.07.2015

Driving success, which is to be taken literally at Dresdner company Wittur Electric Drives GmbH. The company in the industrial area Dresden Coschütz-Gittersee manufactures different special motors. The drives from Dresden work in many elevators in the world. Servo and main propulsion drives can also be found in numerous state of the art manufacturing facilities. The company, which began in 1983 as VEM Elektromotorenwerk Dresden East belongs since 1999 to the Wittur Group.
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Heraldo de Aragón, May 10th 2015

It is installed at the plant in Malpica and it is used  to test elevators, to show to customers and as a training centre. It is 31 meters high and has involved an investment of nearly half a million euros.

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HERALDO DE ARAGÓN, May 21st, 2015

Juan Jiménez, Director of Human Resources at Wittur Spain, is convinced that if the employee can balance his/her personal and professional life, he/she will reduce absences and productivity will improve as a result.
Published on the "Heraldo de Aragon" on May 21st, 2015

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Elevator World, May 2015

Wittur has announced a new test tower at its production facility in Zaragoza, Spain; completion of a plant expansion in Krupina, Slovakia; and publication of a book.
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Elevator World 5 2015

The Wittur Center of Competence in Zaragoza, Spain, assembled a team of specialists to tailor the vertical transportation system for the new, fourth line of the Budapest Metro. The line’s 32 elevators were designed one by one before each component was built, then produced and delivered according to a tight schedule.
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Dźwig, March 2015

Wittur Poland once again organized a training session for their customers. This time the training was held on 14-15 January 2015 in Hotel Ossa near Rawa Mazowiecklej. The training and accompanying entertainment events were followed by approximately seventy people.
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Elevator 03/2015

Wittur entered Chinese market for 20 years by 2015, Mr. Sergio Biglino, Executive Vice President Aisa Pacific, had the interview with ELEVATOR.

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Elevatori 1/2015

 The 6th European Lift Congress took place on 7th and 8th October 2014 in Stuttgart. The success of the event – proven by the participation of several qualified delegates, by the selected topics and the quality of speeches – is based on the concept of Gerhard Schiffner (congress chairman) and the organizational enthusiasm of Georg Clauss, professor at Heilbronn University (the congress historical venue).
A case of “cantiliver” structure with “slings” (especially suitable for a car with two or three entrances) is specifically analyzed for its vibrations. An overview is offered of the various types of excitation (self-excitation and excitation from an external source). 
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