Elevator World 5 2015

The Wittur Center of Competence in Zaragoza, Spain, assembled a team of specialists to tailor the vertical transportation system for the new, fourth line of the Budapest Metro. The line’s 32 elevators were designed one by one before each component was built, then produced and delivered according to a tight schedule.
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Dźwig, March 2015

Wittur Poland once again organized a training session for their customers. This time the training was held on 14-15 January 2015 in Hotel Ossa near Rawa Mazowiecklej. The training and accompanying entertainment events were followed by approximately seventy people.
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Elevator 03/2015

Wittur entered Chinese market for 20 years by 2015, Mr. Sergio Biglino, Executive Vice President Aisa Pacific, had the interview with ELEVATOR.

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Elevatori 1/2015

 The 6th European Lift Congress took place on 7th and 8th October 2014 in Stuttgart. The success of the event – proven by the participation of several qualified delegates, by the selected topics and the quality of speeches – is based on the concept of Gerhard Schiffner (congress chairman) and the organizational enthusiasm of Georg Clauss, professor at Heilbronn University (the congress historical venue).
A case of “cantiliver” structure with “slings” (especially suitable for a car with two or three entrances) is specifically analyzed for its vibrations. An overview is offered of the various types of excitation (self-excitation and excitation from an external source). 
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Elevator World 12/2014

Photos are, indeed, impressive objects, and sometimes real attention grabbers. Although they intend to capture the world as it is, they also have the power to focus viewing eyes on details and bend viewers’ perception; they let you see the world from a completely different perspective. To achieve this, sometimes, only the eye of the photographer is needed. In other cases, however, a certain degree of preparation must be added to the picture.
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Elevator 10/2014

Producing core components in-house is becoming a trend in the elevator industry. Wittur has not been affected because as a components industry leader, we get the long term corporation with customers through stable and reliably quality, and fast service and response. On the other hand, Wittur is very confidence in its leading technology  which cannot be caught up with by other companies in a short time.
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China elevator august 2014

An interview to Mr. Sergio Biglino and Mr. Li Shaohua about Wittur China production facility in Suzhou and about the presence of Wittur at WEE Exhibition 2014.
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Dźwig 4, 2014

In many places in Europe and beyond, the company Wittur is working to produce elevator packages.
In Poland, a number of elevators are equipped with components manufactured in factories belonging to the company Wittur. Recently our complete elevator called MRL W Line manufactured and assembled in a factory in Spain  has become commonplace in Poland.
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China elevator July 2014

May 14th, 2014, Wittur Elevator held a seminar named ‘Safety in motion’in Pazhou Exhibiton center, Guangzhou.
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Wittur announced the new slogan "Safety in Motion" during World Elevator& Escalator Exhibition WEEE 2014. Editor of China elevator had an interview with Sergio Biglino, Executive Vice President Asia Pacific of Wittur Group, and Li Shaohua, General manager of WitturChina.
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