180-630 kg

 1,0 m/s

 30 m



 90°, 180°, 270° entrance and 3 entrances*

 Side or center opening

 Complete system or mechanical kit only

 EN 81-20/EN 81-50/EN 81-21
 EN 81-28/EN 81-70
*As special solution


  • Stainless Steel Series
  • Color Series
  • Laminate Series
  • Glass Series
* Please refer to Wittur MCS1 Car Catalogue for further details. 


*Please refer to Wittur MCS1 Car Catalogue for further details.


 Augusta EVO


Eco Bus



* Please refer to Wittur Door Catalogue for further details.
** Available only in selected markets (Turkey, China and India).


Smooth, fast and comfortable travel


System Rated Load Rated Speed Suspension Drive Model Connection Traction Diameter
W Line EQ 375 180-375* kg 1,0 m/s 1:1 E27L Terminal Box ø180 mm
W Line EQ 630 375*-630 kg 1,0 m/s 2:1 E27L Terminal Box ø180 mm

* According to P weight, system's suspension should be considered. 


E-Pack Evo
  • Power Range: Between 4kW and 22kW
  • Silent: operates quietly through its contactor-less system (Safe Torque Off-STO)
  • Compact Dimensions: lift controller and frequency inverter integrated in one device
  • DSP-Based Design: highest level of comfort and efficiency
  • Fast Installation: pre-arranged cabinet complete with all electrical components
  • Group Control: support for group of lifts up to 8
  • Hardware: built-in RFI filter and choke coil
  • Interfaces: USB and Ethernet
  • Remote Access: remote access via internet
  • Access Control: integrated access control and VIP access support
  • TFT Hand Terminal
  • Easy Update: the hand-held terminal stores all data in the integrated SD card

E-Pack Plus
  • Compact Dimensions: integrated control with frequency inverter
  • Fast Installation: pre-arranged cabinet complete with all electrical components
  • Fits in every shaft: with compact control cabinet dimensions or with service panel in front of the landing door frame and the power unit inside the headroom
  • Easy Update: the hand-held terminal stores all data in the integrated SD card
  • Easy setting: automatic motor tuning, shaft learning features
  • Remote control: can bus connection between hand-held terminal with colored TFT display and lift. No PC needed
  • 5 Pre-Set Comfort Parameters: the 5 most important parameters for fast and safe commissioning
  • Always have an access to the latest manuals: with hand-held terminal always access to the latest firmware
  • Further Advantages: high stopping accuracy, retraction with opening door, energy-saving mode, releveling, short floor drive, integrated EMC filter and DC choke, 230 VAC safety circuit
  • Hand Terminal

Shaft Information System

Absolut shaft information system by ELGO or conventional shaft copy system with magnet switches.

E-Pack Max
FST-2XT with S1 Safety System

At a Glance
  • Separate control panel and frequency inverter
  • Optimal coordination between drive and inverter
  • Communication between frequency inverter and control panel via DCP
  • Full access to control panel and frequency inverter via remote data transmission (Optional)
  • Easier teach-in process
  • Panel is easily expandable with module or software

S1 Safety System
  • Replaces conventional information system and mechanical safety functions
  • Decreased material cost
  • Decreased assembly cost
  • Operation and diagnose via Fst 2xt guide display
  • Shaft information By LIMAX 33 RED sensor with ELGO magnetic tape and S1 Safety System

COP-LOP: Moon Series


COP-LOP: Ocean Series

Ocean Series

COP-LOP: Sunset Series

Sunset Series

Product Overview

Rated Load kg 180 225 320 375(1) 375(1) 450 525 630
Suspension   1:1 2:1
Rated Speed m/s 1,0
Max. Travel Height m 30
Max. Stop Number   10
Entrance Type   90°/180°/270°/3 Way Entrances
Shaft Width mm CIW + 370(2)/CIW+460(3)
Shaft Depth mm CID+ESD+62,5+Door Package(2)(3)/
CID+ESD+310&400&435+Door Package(4)
Min. Standard Pit mm 1020 [920](5)
Min. Standard
mm 3385 min./CIH+1285
Min. Reduced Pit mm 340 370
Min. Reduced
mm 2600&2900/CIH+600 & CIH+900(6) 2600/CIH+600
Door Width mm 600-1000
Door Height mm 2000-2100
Door Type   Hydra/Augusta Evo/Eco Bus/Fineline/Core
Car Internal Width
and Depth (CIW)/(CID)
mm 700-850 700-1100 700-1400 700-1550 800-1450 800-1600 800-1800 800-2000
Car Internal Height (CIH) mm 2000-2300

(1) According to P weight, system's suspension should be considered.
(2) Car sling on side and standard headroom. (Shaft wall to car wall:310 mm)
(3) Car sling on side and reduce headroom. (Shaft wall to car wall: 400 mm for 1:1 & 435 mm for 2:1)
(4) Car sling on rear for all headroom and all suspension.
(5) Permanently refuge space with telescopic apron.
(6) According to DBG dimension.


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