8th January, 2021

Wittur Italy celebrated Christmas by donating two ventilators to Parma's Hospital.
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10-11th December, 2020

The complete Italian Sales team was presented in our digital booth on DEC, 10-11th.
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1st December, 2020

We are glad to announce the availability of 2 additional options to customize Augusta EVO car door starting from now.
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2nd December, 2020

On December, 2nd, Berry Umbaugh, Product Lines Manager North America, is going to present ‘Wittur Safety Components Range: a focus on North America commodity market.
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November 13, 2020

Wittur USA announces its partnership with Wurtec for the distribution of Wittur innovative line of elevator components in North America. 
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Wittur Asia-Pacific head Suraj Thodimarath discusses significance of Indian operations. EWI, Q4 2020

by Sheetal Shelar Patil

Suraj Thodimarath (ST), managing director Asia Pacific, Wittur Elevator Components India Pvt. Ltd., recently shared some insights with your author (SSP). Among the topics they discussed were the brand’s emphasis on R&D and creating value, its commitment toward quality and the significance of its India operations.
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November 10, 2020

Dimensions drawings of Wittur NETTUNO underdriven door are now available for download from Wittur website, to be easily included in your elevator projects.
They are available in the popular DXF format. Drawings include car and landing doors, 1, 2 and 4 panel executions, full glass and framed glass panels.
Log in to wittur website, go to and select model NETTUNO for a list of available drawings.
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16th October, 2020

On 16th October, Andreas Guster, Wittur Product Manager Safety Gears, is going to present “Wittur Safety Components Range: a focus on EU commodity market”.
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29th September, 2020

Starting from today, September 29th 2020, C-MOD MIDI+ Wittur motorization will be available as an option of Sematic 2000 C-MOD.

Sematic 2000 C-MOD is a well-established product suitable for commodity and low-mid elevator installations, optimized for modernization and home lift applications.

C-MOD is already available with ECO+ motor and now, with the release of MIDI+ option, it is possible to extend the Wittur door drive experience, which has technological advantages to offer.

MIDI + guarantees even better performances in terms of efficiency, power consumption and reliability. The brushless technology requires less maintenance, and a reduced stock of spare parts as the same motor is used in a number of other elevator doors by Wittur and you can also optimize it having the same motorization on other Wittur components.
MIDI + has been designed to meet future needs (e.g. digitalization).

Moreover, you can further adapt it to your requirements, having the possibility to install the motor either on the left or the right of the mechanism.
Download the documentation by clicking here for further details.
Wittur Sales Team is at your disposal for any further support or clarification you may need.
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15th-16th September, 2020

This year the NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors) convention goes virtual!
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