Environmental management standard certification according to UNI EN ISO 14001

Colorno (Parma) - On March 25th, 2011 Wittur Spa got through the examination to obtain the Environmental management standard certification according to UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 norms.
Eng. Ilaria Tonella, Security Environmental System Manager in Wittur Spa, has replied to some question about the new certification as follows:

1) Why did Wittur Spa embark on Environmental management standard certification path
Wittur group expectations, the whole market and our customers have been an incentive to take the path of Environmental management standard certification according to UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 norms.
As everyone knows, the attention to the environment in all its aspects is an issue of utmost importance in the logic of sustainable development that doesn’t compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Within the company, it’s important to reach a balance between raw material employment and the need to preserve the environment.
A structured Environmental Management System is a useful tool for managing legislative requirements and for our plant improvement in comparison with nearby communities.

2) What are the steps to achieve this prestigious award?
Wittur S.p.A. has been working for ten years according to the procedures that have ensured compliance with the norms, checking resources consumption and environmental management. Last year the management decided to revise the system to comply with UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 norms. The environmental management standard certification path took place during 2010 and finished in March 2011 with final audit of the system.
It was a project to revise and complete the exising documentation in order to to lay the foundations for management improvement through the development and the periodical targets review.

3) How have the employees integrated in the project?

From the beginning my colleagues have been well involved in the project. People are very sensitive to environmental issues, so it’s easy to raise their enthusiasm.
Therefore during the last training there was a great number of partecipants and a lot of improvement suggestions.

4) What are the next steps for the future development?
Wittur S.p.A. defines and organizes all the activities to target the Environmental Management System improvement. It will pay its attention to the production processes, the products, the suppliers and to the whole related activities.
Through the updating of the best available technologies Wittur S.p.A. aims to achieve both excellence in components and excellence in environmental matters according to Wittur group policy.


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Greater safety for lift passengers

Scheibbs – April 12th , 2011 - Wittur GmbH Austria today announced the availability of the first integrated system UCM Solution. The Wittur UCM Solution is designed to prevent uncontrolled car movement with open doors according to chapter 9.11 of EN 81-1:1998+A3:2009 which becomes mandatory for new lifts on January 01, 2012

A combination of EOS, the worlds first electronic overspeed governor for the lift industry and the well recognised BSG-25P Bi-directional Safety Gear, the Wittur UCM Solution provides an integrated installation ready system, independent of the controller and therefore avoids unnecessary changes or programming.

The individual components (EOS and BSG-25P) are also available separately with A3 certification.

Orders are now being taken with delivery from May 2011.

You are welcome to experience UCM in action at Wittur’s stand at Asansör İstanbul International Lift Exhibition from April 14th to 17th, 2011 and at Interlift 2011 from Oct. 18th to 21st in Augsburg.

For further information regarding Wittur’s UCM Solution please contact the Product Manager, Karl Sturmlechner at the Wittur Austria Centre of Competence via email:, Telephone:+43 7482 4254 2202.

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How can I use a QR code in

Qr Codes are special types of barcodes which contain information that you can use.
To get information from a QR code, you need a smartphone with a camera and a software reader.
Software is generally available for free for the different kind of smartphone.
QR codes can be printed on paper or visualised from a computer screen. Both can be read with your smartphone.
All wittur sales contact have a QR code which you can scan to save Wittur sales contact data in your phone contact list.

Wittur has checked and recommends the following QR code reader applications:

Apple iPhone

Scanlife (free) . Please download the application from Apple App Store.

Scanlife (free) .   Visit on your mobile browser.

Scanlife (free) .   Visit on your mobile browser.

ZXing Barcode Scanner (free).  Please download the application from the Android store.


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for Wittur Spa in Colorno, Parma

Wittus Spa showroom has been updated with the new products exhibited at Interlift 09 in Augsburg.
Starting from today it is possible to evaluate the new car door operators HYDRA 3000 PLUS for quality modernization, as well as PEGASUS PLUS car door in MARINE version and PEGASUS with new sublimated photographic panels.
Moreover, the new products from Wittur Hydraulic Drives in Bergamo are also on display: the new hydraulic system HE equipped with electronic valve and the new hydraulic pump HI equipped with inverter.

Besides the latest products, Wittur Spa showroom hosts a good part of Wittur range of products: LD and Zero3 cars, Augusta, Fineline, ECO Bus, Hydra in version with glass framed panels and with EN 81-58 certification, PEGASUS PLUS in a version for high performance lift systems, HSG-HSK safety kit, Wittur safety gears, a complete round glass lift with LUNA doors and more.

We are at your disposal for a tailored visit!  For further information:
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according to EN81-71:2005 standard

Wittur group has completed the vandal-resistant certification category 1 for its HYDRA and PEGASUS range of landing and car door types according to the European standard EN81-71:2005.

The growing demand of protection of lifts in unguarded public areas against acts of vandalism has lead CEN (European Committee for Standardization) to issue the harmonized norm, which defines the testing methodology and the classification of lifts in terms of vandal-resistance. Category 1 vandal-resistant doors are manufactured in reinforced execution in order to withstand moderate acts of vandalism, carried out according to modes and with instruments as indicated in the annexes of the EN81-71.

Wittur scope of supply for HYDRA and PEGASUS range of vandal-resistant certified doors is now very wide. Car doors are available both in standard and glass-framed executions. Landing doors are available in a further range of executions, including fire-rated, insulated fire-rated and fire-rated with glass-framed panels according to EN81-58 standard.

Vandal-resistant car and landing doors in standard execution are available in all common cladding types, as well as in IP54 or IP67 protection degree and in explosion proof version (ATEX).

Vandal-resistant landing doors in fire-rated Exxx, Ewxx class according to EN81-58 are available with steelworks in mild or full stainless steel, as well as in IP54 or IP67 protection degree and in explosion proof version (ATEX).

Vandal-resistant landing doors in fire-rated EIxxx class according to EN 81-58 are available in standard, IP54 or IP67 protection degree and in explosion proof version (ATEX).

Vandal-resistant landing and car doors with glass-framed panels are available in standard, IP54 or IP67 protection degree.

Vandal-resistant landing doors in fire-rated execution with glass-framed panels according to EN81-58 are available in standard, IP54 or IP67 protection degree and in explosion proof version (ATEX).

The new Wittur vandal-resistant certified doors are being added to the most extensive range of certifications for car and landing doors in the whole lift industry.

This new complete range of doors will be available starting from June, 2009.

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Munich/Wiedenzhausen. TÜV SÜD has issued the first energy-efficient lift certificate as per VDI Guideline 4707. The energy-efficiency certificate was issued to lifts produced in-house by WITTUR, the lift-component manufacturer.
Future plans provide for new lifts and lift components to be placed on the market with energy-efficiency certificates.

At the corporate headquarters of WITTUR Group in Wiedenzhausen, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH certified the energy efficiency of four visitors' and test lifts.
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Wittur components extensively used for a modernization project for Lisbon Metro

Wittur has been selected as one of the main components supplier for a modernization project for Lisbon Metro.

Glass framed doors supplied by Wittur are being installed instead of the previous stainless steel ones to offer enhanced security and comfort to the more than 500,000 daily customers of Lisbon Metro.

The installation demonstrates the flexibility of Wittur service, as they provided a consistent door look for elevators built in different stages by different manufactures.

Wittur scope of supply for this project includes glass framed car doors and glass framed landing doors in both standard and fire-cutting executions.

Lisbon metro construction works started in 1955 and the first two lines started operations on Dec 29th, 1959. The four Lisbon subway lines total about 39 kilometers in length with more than 50 stations.

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The new ECO series from WITTUR Electric Drives GmbH

The Servogearless” traction machines manufactured by Wittur Electric Drives GmbH, a Wittur Group Company located in Dresden (Germany), have been submitted to a complete electro-magnetic redesign.
They are now available in a new ECO version with lower electrical current consumption (current consumption has been reduced by as much as 20% depending on the application). Another benefit of the new ECO series is that smaller inverters can be used in most cases.
The Servogearless” range includes two different models: WSG-S1 for loads of up to 630 kg (2:1 suspension) and WSG-S2 for loads of up to 1200 kg (2:1 suspension).
The other outstanding features of the “Servogearless”traction machine that have been kept in the new ECO version are:
  • Synchronous 16-pole motors
  • Compliance with Lift Directive 95/16/EC and EN81-1 specifications
  • Rated speeds from 0,6 up to 1,6 m/s (suspension 2:1)
  • Exchangeable traction pulley for steel rope applications and different groove profiles available as options
  • Low noise level
  • Adaptable options regarding voltage, speed, torque, measuring system, braking torque and traction sheave parameters
  • Integrated fail-safe brake, type-tested to EN81-1
Wittur customers will benefit from this new design on all orders of Servogearless traction machines placed from July 2009 onwards.

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I have some sad news to share with you today: Following a serious illness, Horst Wittur passed away on 6 February 2010, at the age of 67.
He will be mourned not only by his family but by everyone who knew him, who experienced him and who worked with him. His entire life centred around building up and developing his company into a world market leader in lift components. Horst Wittur was an entrepreneur with all his heart, with a positive, forward-looking mindset and the courage to take risks and hereby experienced the full range of heights and depths over a period of nearly four decades. His expertise, creativity and untiring commitment enabled him to build up a globally renowned company that bears his name. This has earned him appreciation among colleagues and staff and recognition in the lift construction sector.
We are now saying farewell to a great personality in the business world - someone to whom all of us are greatly indebted. Horst Wittur will therefore be fixed in our minds and will always be remembered with great respect.
On behalf of the EMB,

Stephan Rojahn
Wiedenzhausen, 9 February 2010
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Millions of lifts are in use today in Europe. In many countries, more than half of the existing lifts are 25 years old or older. Few of them have been modernized to meet current safety and performance requirements. 
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