Istanbul, March 23-26 2017

Asansör Istanbul is one of the world’s leading exhibitions for the elevator industry, showcasing every two years its latest developments and innovations. In 2015 edition, 434 companies and 28,278 professionals took part in this successful event. Even  more  are expected this year (March 23-26)!
It’s obvious why we’re looking forward to it, and here are three reasons you should be there too according to what you can expect to see from  Wittur  this year. 1. World-class components, just around the corner! 2. The widest range of doors and cars in the elevator business 3. Compliant with all standards, ready for the market! Come and join us at stand I-20!
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Heilbronn (Germany), March 7-8, 2017

The next edition of the “Lift Days” organised by the Technical Academy of Heilbronn (Germany) takes place on March 7th-8th. The theme of this edition is “The lift – a safer place”. The conception and the direction of the congress  is  by Ing. Dip. Klaus Dietel. Twelve presentations will elaborate on this concept by providing expert insights about the new EN 81-20/50 safety standard just a few months before its enforcement in Europe. Moreover, several presentations about new techniques for lift construction (new technologies for lifts) and development in design are scheduled to provide updated information about new trends and their possible application to the lift market.
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Dresden, January 11, 2017

Wittur  announces the launch of their high-rise gearless traction machine WSG-52. The WSG-52 marks the top of the gearless machine range of  Wittur  Electric Drives GmbH based in Dresden, Germany. With a nominal torque of 9.200Nm in the WSG-52.3 execution, this machine is designed to lift as much as 9.800kg in 2:1 roping. The travelling speed goes up to a breath-taking 12m/s (in 1:1 applications) which places  Wittur  in a unique position as  independent  component manufacturer.
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Dec 22, 2016

Wittur and Otis completed the modernization of the Oriental Pearl Tower full glass round panoramic elevator. 
Wittur, as the original supplier of the door system, was chosen to provide its modernization solution, which included a fully customized  new LUNA door system that replaced the old one
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Dec. 14, 2016

On December 14, 12 mechanical engineering students from the University of Parma visited the  Wittur  plant in  Colorno  (Italy) for a very special “Open Door Day”,  organized  and coordinated by Barbara  Givera  from our local HR team. The event, part of the local employer branding activities, aims at strengthening the partnership between  Wittur  and one of the main technical universities in Italy as well as presenting our company as an attractive future employer for young, talented graduates. 
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Wiedenzhausen, December 13th, 2016

The Wittur Group (ISIN: XS1188024548, XS1188025438) announced today that, in agreement with the Supervisory Board, CFO Frank  Schulkes  has decided to leave the company for personal reasons. The Group’s Supervisory Board has initiated the search for a new CFO. With immediate effect, Wittur Group CEO Patrik  Wohlhauser,  will also take on the responsibility for the finance function. He will be supported by an interim CFO Office until a successor is found.
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November 16, 2016

We are pleased to announce that, on November 16th, 2016   Wittur  Spain was acknowledged with an honorary award during the celebration of the XX Anniversary of Awards for Business Excellence, in Zaragoza (Aragón, Spain).
Wittur  Spain received this important recognition for its great contribution to the local industry and for having been the first awarded company when the Institute of Development of Aragón started these Awards.
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November 10-11, 2016

CEA (China Elevator Association) Design & Manufacturing Committee 2016 Annual Meeting was held in Zhangjiagang Changjiang Hotel, on November 10 - 11, 2016. CEA president  Mr.  Li Shoulin, secretary-general of CEA  Mr.  Zhang Lexiang, deputy secretary-general of CEA  Mr.  Wang Mingkai, secretary-general of  national  technical committee on elevators,  Mr.  Chen Fengwang, director of  national  elevator inspection and testing  center,  Mr.  Ma Peizhong and more than 500 industry insiders attended the meeting.
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October 26 2016, Milan, Italy

On October 26, the Wittur Group was among the main participants of E2 Forum, the biennial exhibition-conference dedicated to the Italian vertical transport industry, organized by Messe Frankfurt Italy and promoted by AssoAscensori in collaboration with ANICA and ANACAM.
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Wiedenzhausen, Oct. 17, 2016

Wittur  announces that on September 19th, 2016 Geoffroy Durandet was appointed as Managing Director of Europe. In his new Role within  Wittur , he will be responsible for European Sales and Operations and drive  Wittur  growth in the European continent.
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